• Dual-Clutch Posture Control

    The dual-clutch posture control is specially engineered to stand up to heavy use and abuse. The back and seat operate around totally different pivot points, to accommodate users of differing body types in multi-shift environments.


    • Dual-clutch posture control is an excellent choice for the multi-user environment.
    • Users can quickly change back and seat angle, to allow quick adaptation to different individuals and activities.
    • The primary benefit of this control is its extended warranty.

    How To Use

    • The back angle actuator is on the left side of the chair, near the back.
    • It is opened by raising the actuator, and locks in place when the actuator is released.
    • The back DOES NOT MOVE with the seat angle.
    • The seat angle is actuated by raising a lever in front of the pneumatic adjustment on the right side of the seat.
    • To operate, raise the actuator. The seat angle will lock into place when the actuator is released. There is no open tilt motion.

    Recommended Position

    • Variety is the key to the use of this control. Frequent changes in seat and back angle are recommended.