• Inverse Synchro-Tilt

    The front edge of the seat remains at the same level, regardless of the rate of back recline. This allows the feet to remain flat on the floor while users enjoy a relaxed position. When reclining, the angle of the back rotates around the pivot point at its base. The one-piece seat shell is suspended, hammock-style, between the arms and the front of the base. Therefore, as the back reclines, the shell elongates, causing the back of the seat cushion to rise. The front of the seat does not rise at all. The tilt range of the chair can be locked in one of four positions, from upright to fully reclined.


    • Opens up the angle between the legs and torso, encouraging circulation, and increasing the natural curve at the lumbar region.
    • Offers variety in movement, spinal alignment and weight distribution.
    • Alleviates pressure points and encourages circulation by encouraging movement.

    How To Use

    • To engage in an upright position, lift the Tilt Limiter lever (on the left side of the seat) in its fully rearward position.
    • To open the tilt range to its maximum, lift the Tilt Limiter and move it forward.
    • To engage, simply release the lever. There are also two interim positions.

    Recommended Position

    • The chair is designed to “rock” within the range selected, with your body weight serving as the tensioning mechanism. As you return to an upright position, the back “stays with you” providing support throughout your range of motion. The key to using this chair is to benefit from the variety of positions.