State of South Carolina

Pricing Information

Pricing is based upon the HON Group List Pricer dated January 1, 2016.

Contract No. 4400005976
Contract Valid Through: December 4, 2017
Pricer Link: HON January 2016 Full Line Pricer
*basyx products are not available on contract; pricer may also contain other products not approved on State contract. Please contact servicing dealer or HON Customer Service for more details.

Terms and conditions as stated in the contract prevail over all terms and conditions as shown in the HON List Pricer.

Servicing Dealers

Servicing Dealers will assist with price quotes, specifying product, design and color selections, delivery, installation, and invoicing.

Ordering Information

Orders may be issued by any Approved Agency to Servicing Dealer c/o The HON Company. All orders must have the State of South Carolina contract number noted on the PO.

Payment Terms

Payment terms are net 30 days, from date of invoice.

Government Credit Cards

Government credit cards are accepted

HON Government Customer Service:

Price quotes and questions should be directed to an authorized Servicing Dealer or HON Government Customer Service.

The HON Company
Government Customer Service
200 Oak Street
Muscatine, IA 52761
Phone: 800-466-8694