State Of Hawaii Contract 13-19 MA146

Ordering Instructions

Orders must be made out to the HON Authorized Servicing Dealer.
Please note: ALL orders must reference the State of Hawaii/WSCA Agreement contract number 13-19 MA146.

Servicing Dealers will assist with price quotes, specifying product, design and color selections, delivery, installation, and warranty.
View list of Servicing Dealers below.

HON Government Customer Service:

Agencies or Servicing Dealers can call HON Government Customer Service for contract or product information. Services include product specifications, pricing, locating nearest Servicing Dealer, etc.

HON Government Customer Service:
Phone: 800-466-8694
Fax: 800-833-3902
Email: hongsateam@honcompany.com

State Of Hawaii/WSCA Price Books

State of Hawaii Contract Number 13-19 MA146
March 12, 2014 - October 31, 2015


Please Note: Pricing is based upon the HON List Pricer dated January 1, 2013 and the February 2013 Accelerate Pricer
Price List Name / Number: HON List Pricer, Effective January 1, 2013

Download HON Pricer
HON January 2013 Full Line Pricer
HON February 2013 Accelerate List Pricer

*Classroom furniture and basyx products are excluded from the scope of this contract.

Discount Matrix
State of Hawaii WSCA Discount Matrix

Shipping / Delivery Cost
FOB Destination

Specifying Information
Specifying information is located throughout the Price List. Paint, laminate, and fabric pictures are located in the HON color catalog. Actual samples are available by contacting your Servicing Dealer.

Payment Terms
Payment terms are net 30 days, from date of invoice.

Government Credit Cards
State of Hawaii Purchasing cards are accepted. Written confirmation and authorized signature are required. Agencies may verbally provide card information, but products shall be confirmed in writing. Use of credit cards shall be at time of order placement, with cards charged at time of shipment.

HON / Hawaii Servicing Dealers
Fisher Hawaii
450 Cooke Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Contact: Al Hirata
Phone: 808-524-8770
HON Business Development Manager:
Cody Simmons
Phone: 563-506-9767
HON Contract Manager:
Christy Lung
Phone: 563-272-7351