Organization From the Inside Out

  • Contain is rethinking active storage from the inside out. This streamlined collection is designed to unify an entire office, while maximizing storage capacity. The metal credenzas elevate the overall aesthetic, and offer easy access to frequently used items. Expand your storage capabilities with Contain, the versatile solution that maximizes footprints and brings everything and everyone together in one convenient, distinctive collection.

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    • Healthier Hospitals Initiative

  • Imagine The Possibilities

    Whether used independently or integrated with HON workstations such as AccelerateTM, Abound®, or Voi®, the efficient and flexible layout configurations create greater design and planning freedom.

  • Encourage Expression

    Creative configurations and easily accessible storage make it simple to configure every space to the unique personality and workstyle of each person.

  • Invite Interaction

    Contain turns any space into a hub for collaboration, with low credenzas and seat cushions that accommodate short-term seating.

  • Define Boundaries

    Contain credenzas work great together to define boundaries and pathways that create efficient space planning opportunities that are easy to modify as needs change.