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Ceres Seating Brochure

Ceres seating began with scientific research on how people sit. The end result is a superior sitting experience—and a stylish, beautiful chair.

Ceres Multi-purpose Chairs Cut Sheet

The Ceres multi-purpose chair translates the kinesthetic design of Ceres work chairs to seating for guests, training sessions, and other applications throughout the workplace.

Ceres Comparative Ergonomics

How the HON Ceres chair compares to two primary competitors in its price category

Ceres Seating Environmental Summary

From the product’s inception, the Ceres design team emphasized resource conservation, durability for a long product lifecycle, and simple end-of-life recyclability.

Ceres Designer Story

Wolfgang Deisig, designer of the Ceres Chair

Ceres Seating Fact Sheet

Ceres fact sheet - seating designed to provide total back support

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