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When it comes to education, there’s no question that teaching methods and the availability of school resources have a tremendous influence over a child’s ability to learn. But classroom design also has an impact on the learning experience—as much as 16% according to research from Building and Environment. Color, and how it’s incorporated within the classroom space, was examined as part of this 2015 study of over 3,700 students.


Does your office have a pack rat?  The desk that is always cluttered with piles of paperwork strewn about, never able to find what they are looking for? Tackle the mess with these helpful tips to help declutter and clean up your workspace to get back on track:


The Worksurface
With work stations often shrinking in today’s office, if we clutter it up with papers and personal items, we lose this valuable real estate.  Take time to work through the stacks of paperwork and organize them into the following categories:

Anna Miller, CS Process Improvement Manager
Jan 31 2019

January: a time for the post-holiday blues, scraping icy windshields, and of course, New Years’ resolutions. Resolutions aren’t your thing? As an alternative to the singularly focused resolution, let’s try an overhaul in 2019! Here’s five areas where you can revitalize and remake yourself this year: