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Clutter May Be Ruining Your Work Life

Clutter May Be Ruining Your Work Life

Sayeh, The Office Stylist
Jul 19 2013

Have you noticed you've been a little less focused at work? Is it taking you longer to finish things that would normally take you no time at all? Does your desk/office happen to be a little messy? Well then look no further for the problem of your unfocused mind than your disorganized space.

We all know that having a cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind. There are a handful of old sayings regarding this very phenomenon, but it's not just an old wives tale. A number of scientific studies, including one published by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, have found that having a lot of clutter can affect our ability to focus on a single task. According to the study, the clutter causes you to be distracted as the brain tries to focus on too many things at once, making you unable to process information as you would in an organized environment.


1. Declutter Your Thoughts
Aside from physical storage and organization, you can keep your mind organized with a daily To Do list or work binder. I have a separate binder tab for all of my projects and it makes it that much easier to focus on one thing at a time. Before, I had a few different notebooks for different things and it was difficult and distracting to go back and forth. This also keeps all of your important notes and ideas all in one place, instead of scattered across your workspace.


2. Love Your Desk Organizers 
If you have items you don't like, such as a boring pencil cup or plain file folders, you're probably less likely to use them like you should. Think about how excited you'll be to put your paperwork in it's right folder if the folder is in your favorite pattern? Having desk accessories that organize your space help with functionality, but also enjoyment. I switch out my desk accessories a few times a year and I'm always excited to grab a pencil or put paperclips back where they should go when I have a new set.

3. Get a good storage system
Whether you have a small workstation or an office all to yourself, make sure you have a good storage system to eliminate some of the clutter. If you work in a business with a lot of paper work, get yourself a filing cabinet to keep everything organized and out of sight when you don't need it. File cabinets can also be used to hold photographs, awards, plants and other things, so they're not on your desk. They'll still be in your space, but you won't be focusing on them instead of work.

How do you keep your office and mind organized?