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Packing Tips from a Traveling Trainer


Packing Tips from a Traveling Trainer

LB Peterson, Product Analyst
Oct 28 2014

Roll or Fold? 

Why not both…many items in your suitcase are best packed rolled. Among these are pants, skirts, collarless shirts, and dresses. Always roll your clothes from the bottom up for the tightest roll and make sure there aren’t any wrinkles or folds along the way. Items with a collar, including jackets and blazers, still travel better when folded. Lay your jackets across the bottom of your suitcase and use them to “wrap” the rest of your clothes.

Keep your shoes to themselves.

Use recycled dryer sheets and plastic grocery bags for shoes. There is nothing worse than stinky shoes except clothes that smell like your stinky shoes. Next time you take your clothes out of the dryer don’t discard the dryer sheet, keep them for the next time you travel. Use plastic bags with the dryer sheets to wrap your shoes and be sure to have fresh feet and clothes when you reach your destination.

Know what’s a liquid and what is not.

It seems simple, knowing the difference between a liquid and a non liquid, but surprisingly many people still over stuff their liquids bag with unnecessary items. For example, solid deodorant does not have to go in the liquids bag nor does bar soap or bar shampoo. There are also quick swaps to help streamline your liquids; powder foundation vs. liquid or hand sanitizer wipes vs. the liquid bottle just to name a few.

You just never know so pack a back up.

You can get stranded, flights can be cancelled, and luggage can be lost. Pack a back up. At the very least pack extra undergarments and socks (if needed) in your carry-on or personal item. For ladies, roll up a dress or bring an extra shirt. For fellas, bring an extra shirt and tie. Best tip is always over dress to under pack.

Pick a smaller bag.

Not sure what laws of physics dictate the laws of packing, but it is inevitable that you will stuff your bag to the near breaking point regardless of its size. Thus, pick a smaller bag and make it work. Picking a smaller bag also means you are less likely to check a bag. Even if you have elite status on every airline and get to check a bag for free, try to avoid it. Checking a bag is incredibly hard on your luggage, opens you up to theft, makes you more likely to have lost or delayed luggage, and creates delays when you reach your final destination.  So best advice- go with the smaller bag.

What are some of your favorite packing tips?