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5 Ways to Redesign Your Computer Desktop


5 Ways to Redesign Your Computer Desktop

Catherine Porth, Solutions Account Associate
Mar 5 2015
You stare at your desktop at least 8 hours a day. Why not make it a work of art?
Meet my fellow teammate’s desktop:

full desktop

As you can see from her full desktop, she’s a very busy person but her desktop lacks some simple organization. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there right now whose desktops look just like this. Fear not! Below are 5 great ways to not only organize your desktop, but also give you a beautiful piece of art to look at throughout the day.

First – There are a few basic customization tools and skins you can use to get desktops just like these.
Rainmeter (PC desktop customization template)

GeekTool (Mac desktop customization template)

Organizational Wallpapers
Fences (PC-only desktop icon organizer)

1. Are you a landscape/tech lover?
tech desktop

Get this look: RainmeterSimple Media add on for clock and date

2. Are you more of a romantic?
romantic desktop

Get this look: Eiffel Tower Wallpaper, Rainmeter (use Luana 1.2 for Orange Tiles & Me for Calendar)

3. Want a desktop that's more organized than your office?
organized desktop

Get this look: Office Wallpaper then place your icons on the virtual shelves. (If only organizing your actual office was this easy!)

4. Calvin and Hobbes fan anyone?
Calvin and Hobbes desktop

Get this look: Rainmeter, Calvin and Hobbes font, Additional Directions
5. Lastly, for the super organized desktop user.
super organized desktop

Get this look: Desktop Organizer Template
What are some tricks you use to keep your desktop organized?