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"What is Engineering?" Answered by HON Engineers

"What is Engineering?" Answered by HON Engineers

Caitlin Johnson, Engineer
Mar 19 2015
The HON Company is one of 12 operating companies under HNI Corporation, a leading global office furniture manufacturer. As a leading manufacturer, HON depends on its engineers to design and produce world-class, high-quality furniture for our Sales and Marketing teams to sell!

…But what is engineering?! We went straight to the sources to find out. Read below to hear how some of our HON members describe engineering!


Jim, Manufacturing Engineer: “Being able to take something apart, understand it, and put it back together.”
Joe, Manufacturing Engineer: “Solving the world’s problems.”
Nick, Manufacturing Engineer: “Innovation.”
Trevor, Manufacturing Engineer: “Development of new products and processes and improvement of previous products and processes.”
Brett, Manufacturing Engineer: “Solving problems.”
Shawn, Manufacturing Engineer: “Pure awesomeness.”
Russ, Engineering Manager: “The application of science and materials to manufacture products that will meet the needs of a person.”
Katie, Industrial Engineer: “Looking at a problem from various perspectives and being able to determine the best solution.”
Paul, Manufacturing Engineer: “Teamwork – working together.”
Shane, Product Engineer: “Quickly finding solutions to problems without disrupting the flow of product.”
Oisin, Manufacturing Engineer: Improving the world around you. It doesn't have to be math- or science-related; it just has to be a problem solved for the better!”
TJ, Quality Engineer: “Designing and building solutions to complex problems using technology.”
Jonathan, Quality Engineer: A systematic approach to problem solving using quantitative information to determine the solution."
So there you have it! Engineering means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The HON Company leverages all of these perspectives in our processes to meet customer expectations.

Are you an engineer? Do you work with engineers? What does “engineering” mean to you?