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3 Tips for Packing Healthy, Work Friendly Lunches


3 Tips for Packing Healthy, Work Friendly Lunches

Feb 27 2019
Packing a lunch everyday can be tough, let alone trying to put effort into packing more than a leftover slice of frozen pizza or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Don’t get me wrong – PB & J is a classic, but here are some tips and ideas to help with packing some healthy, work friendly lunches!


Prepare in Advance
Source: Buzzfeed

Before your work week, ensure that you have grocery shopped and stocked up on items that you will need to pack your lunches for the upcoming week. It’s important to clean and chop any fruits and vegetables ahead of time. This way, you have easy access to pack snacks when you’re in a pinch throughout the week. Hard boiled eggs can be made on Sunday for a good protein-packed snack. Depending on your preference, you could even prep all of your lunches on Sunday such as salad mason jars with different toppings, dressing, or veggies for a variety of meals.


Keep it Simple
Don’t force yourself to eat things that you don’t like. Forcing yourself to eat something purely because it’s healthy can cause you to search for other options (like splurging on eating out or turning to “vendo-land” for sugar-filled, prepackaged choices). Give yourself something to look forward to with your packed lunch like these buffalo chicken lettuce wraps!

Source: Joyful Eats

Make Enough Dinner for Leftovers
Whether it’s making extra of the dish you’re preparing for dinner or just cooking extra chicken or quinoa, help yourself out and cook larger quantities so you can cook less! Try to reinvent what you’ve made for dinner in the next day’s lunch. For example, any standard chicken dish by night can be turned in to this colorful, mouthwatering chicken burrito bowl by day!


Say goodbye to your everyday, boring lunch or kick the expensive eating out habit! Give some of these recipes a try! Is it lunch time yet?


Written by Jenisa Peiffer, The HON Company