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We Are the People of HON – Proud of Our Furniture


We Are the People of HON – Proud of Our Furniture

Mar 14 2019

The HON Company was born and raised in Muscatine, Iowa - The Pearl of the Mississippi.  Muscatine is the place where ideas flourish, innovation runs rampant, and developing and manufacturing office furniture is in the blood. We are inspired daily by practicality, quality, and service to our customers. That’s why we are proud of our products that are made, designed, engineered, and assembled right here in the USA.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to interview HON members who design, engineer, and assemble our products daily. Each time I asked a HON member about the value of making office furniture in the United States, you could see pride in their eyes. They’re committed to making not just good furniture, but GREAT furniture. Great furniture that they take ownership of, great furniture that they are proud to sell, and great furniture they are proud to produce.

When I think about the importance of developing HON office furniture that is made in the USA, I think about the people who make it possible. The people at HON dream about office furniture in their sleep and are the fanatics who scan the office furniture every time they set foot in a new business or school. The people of HON seek solutions and build relationships. The people at HON turn ideas into reality and build with their hands and their hearts. The people of HON stand behind our office furniture with pride.


Michelle, an assembler at the Geneva seating plant, told me that she produces products that she’s willing to buy. She wants all product that she buys to be high quality, and she believes that is what our customers should expect to get as well.


Don, a CNC operator, has been working at Oak Steel for over 35 years. He told me about his quality checks that he does hourly and his eye for detail that he maintains as he produces each part.


When I talked with Dawn, her energy lit up the room. She joked and laughed so effortlessly with the other members working around her. She walked me through each step that she takes to check for scratches, dents, holes, and bubbles on the welds.


Sarah, a seating product engineer, said, “We incorporate the voice of the customer into every stage of the product development life-cycle. For my role, this means robust engineering that will not compromise our customers’ needs while reducing risk for quality during manufacturing end use.”

Through all these interactions with members, I came to the conclusion that everyone is passionate about what they do at HON. They care about the quality of the products our customers receive and they care about continuously striving to improve - for themselves, for the company, and for our customers.

When buying HON office furniture that’s made in the USA, you are buying products that have been touched by hard working and intelligent minds. I am proud to be a HON member and proud to work for a company that chooses to make building their business in the United States a priority.


Written By Bailey Schober, Marketing Specialist