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Dedicated to quality USA-built office furniture

Made in the USA

The HON Company is committed to a U.S. operating model that is rare in today’s commercial furniture business. Making significant investments in new state-of-the-art manufacturing and fulfillment centers, HON remains focused on manufacturing most of its products in the USA – everything from individual components to complete furniture solutions.

Proudly Made in the USA. When you buy HON office furniture, you're not just buying inspired, practical solutions - you're buying quality, American-built furniture backed by a lifetime warranty and a network of dealers.

Proudly Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA. When you buy HON office furniture, you're not just buying inspired practical solutions - you're buying quality, American designed, engineered and assembled furniture backed by a lifetime warranty and a network of dealers.

The HON Company

Corporate Headquarters
200 Oak St.
Muscatine, IA  52761-4313


Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 6:00 pm Central


Meet Amanda

Occupation: Work Cell Operator
Products: HON Laminate Desks

Amanda takes pride in American-made products. She obsesses over quality when she assembles your desk. Every pin, every dell, every detail is inspected to her standards. If she gives it her stamp of approval, she knows you will too.

"Everything I do I find a rhythm for. When I'm assembling drawers I find a rhythm and pattern and follow it every day to ensure I get things done in a timely manner."
- Amanda

Meet Cindy

Occupation: Work Cell Operator
Products: HON Laminate Desks

Cindy takes pride in making American-made products. She loves her team and considers them family.

"I really focus on quality and closely look at the product before it goes to the customer."
- Cindy

Meet Carlito

Occupation: Utility
Products: HON Laminate Desks

Carlito loves his work family and how they help one another out every day on the line. He believes that it is key to make everyone around you happy, including the customer, so you can keep them for life.

"Everything needs to be perfect. You need to send your customer a quality product."
- Carlito

Meet Devon

Occupation: Work Cell Operator
Products: HON Laminate Desks

Devon loves the everyday challenge of his job and believes the first hour of the day is the most important to set yourself up for success. He obsesses over quality to ensure the customer gets a perfect product every time.

"I focus on making sure quality standards are met. I want to send out a product I know our customer will love."
- Devon

Meet Jennifer

Occupation: Quality Plant Inspector
Products: HON Steel Storage & Desks

As a Veteran, the words “Made in America” hold a special meaning to Jennifer. She obsesses over the numbers... measuring components every day to ensure you are getting a perfect product every time.

"I’m very particular about making sure everything is done by the book. It needs to be correct."
- Jennifer

Meet Jeremy

Occupation: Work Cell Operator
Products: HON Seating

Jeremy takes pride in making American-made products because they help our economy grow and provide jobs. He believes you shouldn’t send something to the customer you wouldn’t personally buy yourself – it must be a good quality product.

"I focus on the details and take pride in the chairs I make. I only send out a product I know the customer will be happy with."
- Jeremy

Meet Jorge

Occupation: Utility
Products: HON Seating

Jorge likes to help his team. If they need help or have a question he jumps right in and gets them on the right path. Jorge is proud of the products his team makes right here in Muscatine, Iowa.

"When I send out a product, that’s a part of me going to the customer. If I like it, I know the customer will too."
- Jorge

Meet Mike

Occupation: Production Team Leader
Products: HON Steel Storage & Desks

When Mike thinks about products made in the USA, a black and white picture of an American flag comes to mind. He loves the history and takes pride in knowing that our products are USA-made.

"I obsess over making sure our units are complete and on time and ensuring my team has everything they need. I take pride in knowing our products are made here."
- Mike

Meet Paul

Occupation: Laser Operator
Products: HON Seating

When he served as a lead, Paul always told his members never to put a chair in a box that they wouldn’t personally buy themselves. He cares about doing his job right so that he can be confident every product packaged on his watch is a quality product.

"I’m a perfectionist and like things to be done right. I take pride in what I do. It if meets my standards it will meet the customer’s standards."
- Paul

Meet Rosa

Occupation: CNC Operator
Products: HON Steel Storage & Desks

What is Rosa’s favorite part of her job? The teamwork. She enjoys helping others and seeing everyone work together to make quality products safely and successfully.

"I obsess over quality and safety. When I form parts, all the angles need to be precisely 90 degrees and the product needs to be perfect."
- Rosa

Meet Scott

Occupation: Welder
Products: HON Steel Storage & Desks

When Scott thinks of the hard work that goes into making American-made products, it gives him goosebumps. He is proud to come together with people from all different backgrounds to continue a tradition on which this country was built.

"The quality of the work we do and the effort that we put into it every day means a lot to me. Our products are Made in the USA and I am a part of that."
- Scott

Meet Tiffany

Occupation: Work Cell Operator
Products: HON Seating

Tiffany believes that, every time she builds a chair, she really gets to know the individual customer. Understanding that each fabric selection is handpicked, she feels a personal responsibility to make sure everything is flawless.

"I am obsessed over quality. When I build a chair, I make it special for the customer. It’s like I put my name on it – Tiffany made that chair."
- Tiffany

Born in the USA

At the end of World War II, HON began designing and manufacturing products for the home and office from Iowa, the heartland of America. These practical solutions inspired productivity and helped workers everywhere chase the American dream. Nearly 75 years later, we remain committed to designing, engineering and assembling all HON products right here in America. This gives us the chance to oversee every step of a product’s life cycle, while also supporting a robust American workforce.

Why should you care about buying American? Besides the obvious benefit of helping workers and companies in our own country thrive, HON customers get confidence. Because we have direct oversight of every stage of product development, we know we’re making durable products of the highest quality. This allows us to offer the strongest warranty in the industry, the HON Full Lifetime Warranty. A promise other furniture manufacturers aren’t willing to make.