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Dedicated to quality USA-built office furniture

Made in the USA

The HON Company is committed to a U.S. operating model that is rare in today’s commercial furniture business. Making significant investments in new state-of-the-art manufacturing and fulfillment centers, HON remains focused on manufacturing most of its products in the USA – everything from individual components to complete furniture solutions.

Proudly Made in the USA. When you buy HON office furniture, you're not just buying inspired, practical solutions - you're buying quality, American-built furniture backed by a lifetime warranty and a network of dealers.

Proudly Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA. When you buy HON office furniture, you're not just buying inspired practical solutions - you're buying quality, American designed, engineered and assembled furniture backed by a lifetime warranty and a network of dealers.

The HON Company

Corporate Headquarters
200 Oak St.
Muscatine, IA  52761-4313


Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 6:00 pm Central


Meet Ryan

Occupation: Machine Operator
Products: Steel Storage

It’s important to Ryan that our products are made in the United States. He enjoys his job because he is proud to be a part a process where he can see products from start to finish.

"I ensure my part is high quality for our customers by making sure there are no defects in the steel and the punches are cut out accurately. If they are not, it can disrupt the rest of the unit."
- Ryan

Meet Hali

Occupation: Assembler I
Products: HON Seating

Hali sees value in furniture that is made in Muscatine, Iowa because it supports the local economy by creating jobs. She enjoys her job because she likes the group of people she works with each day.

"To ensure customers receive high quality products, I look over everything before packaging the products into the boxes. I also check for any defects in assembly as well."
- Hali

Meet Michelle

Occupation: Assembler II
Products: HON Seating

Michelle enjoys the people that she works with. She also enjoys the early hours. Michelle is grateful for her job that is given to her because of HNI, HON and Allsteel investing in manufacturing in the United States.

"I produce products that I’m willing to buy. I want my product to be high quality so that’s what our customers should expect to get as well."
- Michelle

Meet Don

Occupation: CNC Operator
Products: Steel Storage and Desks

Don has been working in Oak Steel for over 35 years. He believes that building furniture in the United States is important because of job creation. He has seen the benefits and progress of technology over the years which has made his job easier and more enjoyable. He likes the steady pace and managing his equipment.

"I do quality checks on my machines each morning and hourly quality checks on all of my products. I carefully examine each part that I produce."
- Don

Meet Ana

Occupation: Machine Operator
Products: Steel Storage

Ana feels proud to know that nice furniture is made right here in Muscatine, Iowa. She says it’s reassuring to know there are plenty of job opportunities here. She likes seeing how everything is assembled from beginning to end.

"I check over every part that I produce. If I see a problem, I make sure it gets brought to the manager’s attention to address the issue. It’s important that I always pay attention to the details."
- Ana

Meet Jose

Occupation: CNC Operator
Products: Laminate Desks

Jose has worked in Oak Laminate for 13 years. He enjoys his job and the crew that he works with every day. He believes it’s important to make a good product for our customers.

"I ensure my products are high quality by examining each piece for scratches, chips, and bends. I also make sure all dimensions are accurate."
- Jose

Meet Juan

Occupation: Work Cell Operator
Products: Laminate Desks

Juan likes everything about working in Oak Laminate – the people, the products, and the environment. It means a lot to him that HON products are made in the United States.

"We make very nice products. To ensure our products are up to customer standards, I am always checking to ensure there are no chips or scratches on our materials."
- Juan

Meet Keith

Occupation: CNC Operator
Products: HON Seating

Keith enjoys his job because of the people he works with each day. He says he’s been here long enough he could do his job in his sleep. Keith makes sure his products are high quality by ensuring each bend and cut is reviewed. Every product has a check fixture.

"I've worked here for over 40 years, and it means a lot to me to know that we can produce quality products and compete with companies both foreign and domestic."
- Keith

Meet Dawn

Occupation: CNC Operator
Products: HON Seating

Dawn sees the value in manufacturing HON furniture in the United States. She enjoys her job because she feels that HON treats their members right and she loves the people she works with each day.

"I check every part for scratches and dents and make sure there’s no holes or bubbles on the welds to ensure products are high quality."
- Dawn

Meet Mike

Occupation: Paint Technician
Products: HON Seating

Mike noted that HON really takes care of their members. He is proud to have this furniture made in the United States.

"I ensure high quality products by double checking my work. If there’s any issues with our processes or products, I bring these to the attention of management to make sure a change is made."
- Mike

Born in the USA

At the end of World War II, HON began designing and manufacturing products for the home and office from Iowa, the heartland of America. These practical solutions inspired productivity and helped workers everywhere chase the American dream. Nearly 75 years later, we remain committed to designing, engineering and assembling all HON products right here in America. This gives us the chance to oversee every step of a product’s life cycle, while also supporting a robust American workforce.

Why should you care about buying American? Besides the obvious benefit of helping workers and companies in our own country thrive, HON customers get confidence. Because we have direct oversight of every stage of product development, we know we’re making durable products of the highest quality. This allows us to offer the strongest warranty in the industry, the HON Full Lifetime Warranty. A promise other furniture manufacturers aren’t willing to make.