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Talent AttractionNew Approach For Attracting and Retaining Talent.

Research indicates that workplace environment and aesthetics factor into attracting top talent and millennials while physical and mental wellbeing factor highly into retaining talent.

Office Design And The Prospective Hire
Research shows that small businesses are focusing on attracting the millennial generation. A generation that favors residential styles, open settings and prefers the workplace to be inviting, friendly, and collaborative.*

Identity In The Workplace
Beyond simple amenities, millennials are looking for an office that gives them a sense of purpose. The workspace is “almost a reflection of them. Their outward identity is partially tied to how and where they work. The aesthetics, the look, and the uniqueness of that is important to them.”*

Talent Retention
It is important to note that small businesses are not solely fixated on attracting millennials; these organizations are also invested in retaining current talent and have adapted by offering a variety of workspaces that appeal to all preferences. These organizations are likely more flexible than their larger counterparts and can afford to be more accommodating and “more concerned about each person getting exactly what they need versus just doing a typical station for every person.”*
Office managers and owners alike explain that the key to small business productivity lies in providing these flexible options so that employees can remain focused and “put their efforts into the stuff they do best.”*

“Having different places to work within the workplace is appealing. Meaning you have a desk where you can go and have focused time, but you’re not beholden to it because you work on a laptop and can move around and sit at a café table, go to a conference room, or unwind in a common area. I think if an employer cares about how people work and the work environment generally, people will stay at work longer. If you just have a desk and nowhere else to go at five o’clock, you’re out of there.”