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Students Thrive With Connection & Collaboration

Kinds thrive in classrooms that allow for movement, and those classrooms are powered by flexible furniture. Settings that can be rearranged easily foster collaboration and connection, while keeping active minds and bodies engaged.

Where Imaginations Take Flight

Students need spaces that allow them to go at their own pace. By creating subject specific hubs designed to support personalized learning, valuable connection and engagement is within everyone’s reach.

Preparing for the Future

Preparing Students for the real world becomes all the more important in high school. The right furniture supports individual creativity and group collaboration, which helps students build for the future in a flexible and diverse environment.

Space to Decompress

A recent survey of one school district’s student wellness centers indicates that 96% of student respondents reported that the calming room improved their sense of safety and well-being​.

Engineered for Success

Flexible classrooms with movable furniture can be arranged to facilitate diverse activities and groups of various sizes. Increased opportunities for students to work in groups engenders more frequent, and higher quality relationships with their peers.

Express Yourself

Self-expression through creativity is vital to a well-rounded curriculum. An art room is essential for confidence, connection, and individuality.

Music Opens Minds and Hearts

A designated space that celebrates and encourages vocal and instrumental education is imperative to a well-rounded curriculum. Equipped with supportive mobile seating and ample, durable storage, music rooms give students of all abilities a unique opportunity to express themselves creatively duri8ng and after school.

Supporting a Diverse Range of Learning Styles

Learning isn’t one size fits all. Recognizing and supporting emotional and cognitive differences is imperative to the grows and success of neurodiverse students. Sensory-friendly spaces designed around flexible, kinesthetic furniture and tools help create structure, psychological safety, and engagement for everyone.

Knowledge Center

Study Hall

A variety of postures, equipment, technology, and dedicated spaces to choose from is very empowering in terms of students’ recovery and ultimately their academic success.

Media Center

Media Centers are the heartbeat of both the school and the community. They encourage connection and creativity for people of all ages and experiences

Computer Lab

The purpose of a computer lab goes far beyond surfing the internet—it encourages students to learn vital digital skills that are imperative to today’s evolving workforce.

E-sports Center

Designed to promote social and emotional skillsets, strategic thinking, technology awareness, and creative collaboration, a dedicated Esports space allows students to practice, problem solve, and play competitively in a fun, safely monitored environment.


Whether you’re a student, a staff member, or a guest, the first space you see in a school sets the stage for what comes next. A warm, cheerful communal environment designed to put people at ease fosters comfort and trust when it matters the most.

Teacher’s Lounge​

Teachers need a place where they can relax and recharge, collaborate with peers, or simply engage with other adults. Nationally, teacher turnover in public school districts costs upwards of $8.5 billion each year. Bearing this in mind, supporting educators’ well-being is a key strategy for superintendents to improve teacher retention and reducing attrition.​


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Key Trends Impacting K-12 Learning

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