Protected Marks

HON Registered Trademarks and Trademarks

Registration for protected marks is specific. All product names must be shown exactly as referenced below in the first, most prominent instance.

There may be occasions when the use of the HON® logo is not feasible. In these instances, HON should include registration marks exactly as shown below. If the logo is present, use of registration marks on brand names is not necessary.


Registered Trademarks Trademarks
Abound® 101 Series™
Accelerate® 10500 Series™
Accommodate® 10700 Series™
Accomplish® 38000 Series™
Announce® 94000 Series™
Arrange® Abode™
basyx by HON® Assemble™
Brigade® Between™
Ceres® Birk™
ComforTask® Boda™
Contain® Build™
Convergence® Cambia™
Embark® Centerpiece™
Endorse® Collection Charge™
Empower® Chair Chooser™
Essential Foundations® Circulate™
Flagship® Client™
Flock® ColorWav™
Gamut® ComfortSelect™
Grove® Concinnity™
GuestStacker® Convera™
HON® Coordinate™
Ignition® Corral™
Invitation® Crio™
Lota® Define™
Manage® Directional™
Meadowbrook® Entire™
Mentor® Exposure™
Motivate® Foundation™
Nucleus® Fuse™
Olson Flex Stacker® Gateway™
Olson Stacker® Gateway™
Pagoda® Gravitation™ Beam
Park Avenue Collection® Greet™
Pennsylvania Avenue® Instigate™
Perpetual® Laurus™
Pillow-Soft® Matter™
Preside® Mav™
Proficiency® Merit™
Purpose® Network™
Quotient® Neutralize™
ReActiv® Perch™
Resilience® Prominent™
Resolution® Revel™
Sensible Seating® Riley™
SmartLink® Ruck™
Solutions Seating® Ryder™
Solve® Scatter™
Soothe® Scramble™
The StationMaster® Skip™
Unanimous® SofThread™
Valido® Tilt™
ValuTask® Topflight™
Versant® Torch™
Verse® Traction™
Voi® Validate™
Volt® Wave™
YouFit® West Hill™