Asynchronous Control


Asynchronous Control Animation

Asynchronous Control

This is a multi-action system that allows for three separate functions. The back pivots independently of the seat, and can be locked in an infinite number of positions within a fixed range. The seat tilts, with the pivot point directly above the chair stem. The chair can tilt freely, or be locked into an infinite number or positions within the tilt range. The forward angle control provides an extra 5 degrees forward motion in the range of the chair.


  • Offers a very wide variety in movement, spinal alignment, and weight distribution.
  • Alleviates pressure points and encourages circulation by encouraging movement.

How To Use:

  • To release the back angle, pull the actuator upward (the lever closest to the seat back on the right side).
  • To set the back angle, lower the actuator.
  • To engage the tilt lock in any position, press the actuator down.
  • To release the tilt lock, raise the actuator.
  • With the tilt lock released, simply recline.
  • To engage forward angle, release the tilt lock and recline slightly. Rotate the forward angle actuator 160 clockwise. The chair will tilt forward. Lock chair into place with tilt lock.

Recommended Position:

  • Frequent change is the goal, and users are encouraged to adjust their seating positions often. The asynchronous mechanism provides an infinite number of seated positions.
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