Mid-Range Knee Tilt


Mid-Range Knee Tilt Animation

Mid-Range Knee Tilt

With mid-range knee tilt, the pivot point for the recline mechanism is half-way between the stem and the front edge of the seat. The front of the seat rises a shorter distance than the back when reclining.


  • The front edge of the seat stays closer to the floor. This allows the feet to remain relatively flat on the floor while users enjoy a relaxed position.
  • Because gravity works with the user, the chair has an enjoyable rocking sensation.
  • The greater the amount of body movement, the more the user will benefit from increased circulation and redistribution of pressure points during the workday.

How To Use:

  • On most models with the tilt feature, there will also be a tilt lock/release.
  • This feature will use the same paddle as the pneumatic control.
  • To engage the tilt lock in the upright position, push the paddle “in” about 1/4” (toward the chair stem).
  • To release, pull the paddle “out” 1/4” and recline.
  • The lever to adjust the tilt is a round lever on the right side of the chair. To adjust, release the tilt lock and rotate the lever clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Recommended Position:

  • Many users prefer to engage the tilt lock in the upright or reclined positions for keyboarding, and release the chair to recline freely during phone calls and paperwork.