Synchro-Tilt Animation


Back reclines at a 2-to-1 ration to seat angle. Allows user to recline while keeping seat cushion relatively level to floor. 11 degrees of seat tilt and 22 degrees of back recline.


  • The front edge of the seat rises only 1 degree for every two degrees the back reclines.
  • The front edge of the seat stays closer to the floor. This allows the feet to remain relatively flat on the floor while the user enjoys a relaxed position.
  • The synchro-tilt motion opens the angle of the torso, for improved circulation to the legs and better spinal alignment.
  • The greater the amount of body movement, the more the user will benefit from increased circulation and redistribution of pressure points during the workday.

How To Use:

  • With the “tilt lock” released, simply recline.
  • As you return to an upright position, the back “stays with you” providing support throughout your range of motion.

Recommended Position:

  • Many users prefer to engage the tilt lock in the upright or reclined positions for keyboarding, and release the chair to recline freely during phone calls and paperwork.