Tilt Tension


Tilt Tension Animation

Tilt Tension

This is a function of the height and weight of an individual. The taller and/or heavier the person, the need for a tighter tilt tension. The opposite for a shorter, lighter person, the lighter the control. If the Tilt Tension is set too light for an individual, when they sit in the chair, they may have the sensation of going over backwards. Conversely, if the tension is set too tight, a smaller individual may not be able to tilt the chair at all.


  • Because gravity works with the user, the chair has an enjoyable “rocking” sensation.
  • The greater the amount of body movement, the more the user will benefit from increased circulation and redistribution of pressure points during the workday.

How To Use:

  • Tension is adjusted by the knob located under the chair.
  • It is often directly in front of the chair stem, which means leaning forward in the chair to reach the knob.
  • In some executive style chairs the knob is under the side of the seat, which means leaning to the side of the chair to reach.
  • Turn the knob right or clockwise to tighten.
  • Turn the knob left or counter-clockwise to loosen.

Recommended Position:

  • A chair set so that it reclines easily allowing the user to change positions easily.
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