Serial Number Locator - Vertical Files


Vertical Files

Serial Number Locator Chairs

Label Location

The serial number label for vertical files is placed on the right hand, exterior side of the uppermost drawer.

If you have difficulty locating the label, fully open the uppermost drawer and "clap" your hands on the drawer sides. The serial number label should be under or near your right hand. If you have an older cabinet, the label may be located on the inside, back of the uppermost drawer front.

Number Details

Once you have located the serial number label, your serial number is the alphanumeric code directly in the center of the bar code in large print. Directly below the serial number is your product's model number. The color of the product is located under the product model number.

Warranty Coverage

HON desks, tables, chairs, files and system components are tagged with a serial number. This number helps us to identify when and where your product was made, and to identify the root cause for a warranty issue. Neither the dealer nor the consumer should remove this tag under any circumstances. To do so immediately voids your Warranty Coverage for that particular item and prevents us from further identifying it.