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LOOSEN UPRelieving Stress Never Felt So Good

The daily grind can create some lifelong health problems. The following issues are commonly experienced by a wide variety of workers, but fortunately there are easy and innovative product solutions to help mitigate ergonomic concerns.

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Wrist and Hand Discomfort

Awkward hand posture when typing can contribute to discomfort in the wrists and hands, including tendon inflammation, restricted blood flow, and pain or numbness. To achieve proper typing position, maintain a straight, flat wrist posture, with your arms near your sides and a relaxed posture. If proper wrist posture cannot be achieved with standard desk and a properly adjusted task chairs, there are two ways to achieve that posture:

1. Adjust keyboard tray to properly position the height and angle

2. Elevate the seat to allow the keyboard to sit on the desk and use a footrest to support your feet

Room scene with furniture - Flock Modular and Casual Lounge Chair, 4-Leg Stool, Mini Cylinder and Cube, Cube Square and Rectangle Table, Floor Lamp and Shade

Shoulder Stress

How many of us constantly exhibit proper posture? Hunching your shoulders and craning your neck creates shoulder muscle fatigue or pain. The solution, however, is simple. Adjust your chair arm rests to a spot where the shoulders are relaxed and the upper arms are close to your body. A desktop monitor can also minimize shoulder stress by promoting a neutral neck posture.

Woman holding back of neck showing neck strain 

Neck Strain

During work, your shoulders should always be relaxed. Easier said than done, right? Just remember, your neck should always remain in alignment with your spine, so if you are tilting your head or craning your neck, use a monitor arm to move your computer screen to a position that brings your neck back into alignment.

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Leg Discomfort

Sitting for long durations just isn’t good for your body, period. Pain in the thighs and butt are usually the result of an improper positioning of the seat height and depth. Setting those to best fit your lower body will increase blood supply and allow for easy movement. Short breaks from the desk throughout the day are the best solution, but for those tied to their workstations for the majority of the day, a sit-to-stand work surface can make a considerable difference.

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