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Room scene with furniture - Grove single, 2 and 3 seat lounges, Motivate chairs, Arrange white table tops with base and disc shroud, Flock square and cylinder mini, rectangle collaborative table
A Touch Of HomeBringing residential comfort to work

Today’s businesses employ a variety of methods of making everyone feel more comfortable at work, but there’s one trend that is becoming universally accepted — the blending of work and home atmospheres. As offices and work styles continue to evolve, people are spending less time at a desk and more time collaborating in places that offer the casual comforts of home.


of Millennials and Gen Z employees feel stressed all or most of the time at work.

Source: Udemy Workplace Stress Study, 2017

Detailed image of Contain credenza cushion with S509241XP Momentum Places Spaces Faces/White upholstery

“Work is happening everywhere these days. People are migrating away from their desks and finding different kinds of venues in which to collaborate, which requires inviting color palettes and comfortable material selections that align with the desired functionality of the space. This residential transformation has also been impacted by other outside influences such as coffee shops and lounges, where palettes are often more stimulating and refreshing. Small businesses are increasingly looking for an experience that feels more like what you find at home, with softer materials and colorful palettes that put people at ease.”

- Andy Benner
HON IDS Director


Home Away From Home

People are drawn to a diverse set of materials, colors and textures found in nature. Natural wood grains. Seasonal colors. Organic patterns. Office workers are craving those touches to make the office feel more welcoming and relaxed — like home.

Here are few ideas to bring touches of residential life into your office.

Three squares of HON paint samples that include Loft, Muslin, and Smoke

Tried & True

Sophisticated paint colors create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Detailed image of Contain credenza with Momentum Cryptic/Nickel upholstery

All Mixed Up

Warm and natural materials layer together creating inspiring places where people want to work.

Detail photo of Flock Mini with topper table top with a small pot of succulents placed on top of table highlighting wood accents in the home

Wood Accents

The use of natural materials makes the work experience more human centered, creating a more familiar and authentic aesthetic.

Room scene with furniture - Abound desk system with fabric, markerboard, slotted tool tiles and frameless glass, Contain credenza with cushion, b/f credenza, wardrobe, Flock square mini, Iginiton 2 task chair, Adjustable height base 3 stage

Patterns Of Behavior

Geometric designs in upholstery can turn a sterile environment into a stimulating setting.

Bright Ideas

Residential spaces are often more eclectic than office areas, with brighter colors and playful patterns.

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