10500 Fact Sheet

10500 Fact Sheet

Top Features

Light scale desk that maximizes footprints and customizes personal storage

Supports all of the ways people work, while making the most of smaller spaces

Smooth, flat edges and wide breadth of worksurface and chassis laminate color options

Practical, functional design; mid-market go-to line

Sit-to-stand workstations can achieve a range of different heights that support any personal preference quickly and easily. 10500 Series modular components make it easy to reconfigure

Where It Works

Designed to accommodate everything from ultra-compact workspaces to extensive management suites to collaborative workstations

The 10500 Series is built to adapt and respond to shifting needs and priorities

The versatile design provides a wide range of options, from private offices to open, collaborative spaces to reception areas and meeting rooms

Product Details

Durable scratch-, stain- and wear-resistant laminate is available in a wide selection of colors, including wood grains, solids and two-tone combinations

A complete array of open, closed, and shared storage that can be freestanding, stack-on or wall-mounted

Assortment of credenzas, cabinets, pedestals, and bookshelves

Maximize footprints with a variety of layout options that include single desks, L-shaped and U-shaped configurations, work wall arrangements, and modular storage solutions

Shroud for height-adjustable desks providing sleek, executive look

Personalize your space with wood or frosted doors, optional handle selections, and power grommets that bring technology wherever needed

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