Denver Post Case Study

“The products from HON are trendy, fun and collaborative. Our renovated office isn’t like a traditional workspace—it feels modern and energetic—the furniture is a big part of that.” - Rosann Wunsch, Finance Manager of The Denver Post



Founded in 1892, the Denver Post is a daily newspaper that provides multi-platform news stories and relevant information about the city of Denver, Colorado State, the Rocky Mountain West and the rest of the world to people near and far. Over the years, continual digital advances and a steady increase in news coverage forced the paper to hire more employees just to keep up. With an expanded staff, the Post had to open a second office in a new location—but this meant separating employees from different teams and hindering the collaborative nature of the business.

So leadership decided to move the entire staff to its renovated headquarters on North Washington Street to renew a sense of camaraderie and save on rental expenses. When it came to furnishing the newly combined office, the Post called on HON and Commercial Concepts by American Furniture Warehouse (AFW) to provide modern furniture solutions to maximize space and storage and help design an inviting environment that would encourage inter-departmental collaboration and inspire great work.


After making the decision to move everyone back under one roof, the Post needed to find a variety of furniture solutions for every office space in its renovated headquarters. So the paper partnered with HON and AFW to furnish the building with stylish workspace and storage options that would facilitate teamwork and provide comfortable multi-purpose environments for employees from every department to work together.


Through the overhaul, HON and AFW helped transform the office’s interior into a contemporary, collaborative workspace. Benched workstations ensure easy communication between employees. Lounge seating offers an inviting space for group meetings, solo work and brainstorm sessions throughout common areas. Durable, multi-purpose tables provide a variety of surfaces for eating lunch or meeting over coffee in the new cafeteria. In each distinct area of the office, HON provided furniture solutions to turn every empty space into a comfortable, attractive and useful environment for employees and guests.


In the end, HON and AFW provided the Post with a broad suite of furniture solutions to help bring the building to life. “We wanted to reinvent our space because half of our employees were here and half were downtown,” says Rosann Wunsch, Finance Manager of The Denver Post. “We wanted everyone to be together so there could be more collaboration between departments.” Today the office is modern, versatile and energetic—with plenty of multi-purpose workspaces for all employees to share. “The final renovation really exceeded our expectations,” she adds. “With HON, we feel like we received great quality furniture for a great value.” Now, with an office environment that’s freshly furnished, inviting and full of flexible spaces for work to happen, the Denver Post is set to deliver news for years to come.

Project Type: Corporate
Budget: $500–600K
Square Footage: 25,000 sq. ft.


• Empower® Benching
• Ignition® 2.0 Seating
• Preside® Tables
• Motivate® Seating & Tables
• Arrange® Tables
• Voi® Desks
• Accomodate® Seating
• Flock® Seating & Tables
• Build™ Tables

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