(MUSCATINE, IA – October 2019) — Remember when everyone thought that the digital age would do away with the need for most office storage? It seemed like great news at the time as real estate began shrinking and there seemed to be less space for — well just about everything. However, the reality is that people’s need for storage has not gone away. Instead, it’s the types of things they need to store that has radically changed. The filing of papers and folders has evolved into more lifestyle storage management as working and living activities are becoming more blended. Storage in the workplace is just as important as ever. But with office design trends leaning more towards open and collaborative settings, less overall square footage, and more shared space – there are now more things to consider and store.

Fuse, The HON Company’s newest storage solution, addresses this need for a new way to store and “stow” things. Working with IDA Design, HON has created the next generation of personal office storage. Fuse couples HON’s rich history as an expert in office storage with market research and a keen understanding of the needs of the changing office. "HON has a very user-centric focus when it comes to developing their products, and storage is no exception." says Zach Raven, Design Lead at IDA Design.

Fuse takes personal storage to that next level with sizes and options that just make more sense for what’s being stowed today. Pair that with an added pop of color with HON’s Colorwav™ and Fuse gives new meaning and personality to your personal space. With larger sized drawers to accommodate storage beyond files, accessories that help you stay organized, flexibility to move & adjust with height-adjustable worksurfaces, slim sized versions for today’s office and so much more. With Fuse, storage no longer needs to be boring.

Fuse is made in the USA by HON members, tested to exacting standards of HON experts, and backed by HON’s full lifetime warranty & network of dealers, so you know it will last longer than the things you are storing. For more information about HON’s new storage solutions, visit hon.com/fuse. To learn more about HON’s full line of office solutions or about The HON Company, visit hon.com. Fuse will be available for order on October 1st, 2019.