Maritz Case Study

Maritz Case Study

“The best thing for me was the first day we moved in ... I saw more people in that first day that I probably would not have if I, or they, had been sitting in offices behind closed doors.”

- John McArthur, President, Maritz Motivation Solutions

Project Type : Corporate

Budget : $4.5 – 4.8M

Square Footage : 118,796 sq. ft.



What does it take to break down employee walls and foster better teamwork? How do you attract fresh young talent out of college when your office space was designed in the '70s?

With the help of Modern Business Interiors and The Lawrence Group, you plan a redesign. A BIG redesign.


Maritz Motivation Solutions’ offices hadn’t been updated in more than 30 years. And with 90% of the space made up of walled offices, employee communication was a challenge. As a provider of loyalty and engagement programs, Maritz needed a space that was much more ... well ... engaging.


The walls came down. We created a variety of spaces to work and collaborate, and replaced walled offices with a 100% workstation solution that featured lower wall heights to help make communication easy.

• Plains tile glass adds privacy without blocking light.
• Functional multi-purpose areas maximize space.
• Lightweight, flexible furniture rearranges easily.


The new space not only facilitates communication and collaboration, it improves it. Conversations flow. Team members gravitate to favorite huddle areas. Work happens not just at desks, but in the many work areas created.

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