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For today’s active spaces.Tables for wherever work gets done.

Arrange, Collaborate, Connect

You spend a lot of time at your desk, and sometimes it’s nice to have a change of scenery. It’s no surprise that working in different spaces throughout the office can boost productivity and creativity. With versatile shapes and sizes, Arrange tables give you the flexibility to set up shop wherever you want to relax, collaborate, power up and stay connected.

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Arrange with Style and Confidence

Arrange takes style and selection to a higher level. It’s a versatile collection of tables that can be customized and configured to achieve any look or support any activity, then rearranged quickly as needed.

Arrange tables are available in seated, café or counter heights and a variety of tabletop shapes and sizes to support virtually any workspace need. Choose aluminum T-leg or X-bases, and add an optional disc shroud for a clean look. Route technology directly to the tabletop with optional mini USB or power grommets to help you stay connected.


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