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Three people interacting in a training room with motivate tables and ignition multi-purpose seating
TAKING THE LEADPositive Change Starts From Within

Q. When away from your desk, where is your favorite place in the office to work?

A. "I love our commons. It’s a great place to refocus while switching up the environment, and it’s a perfect spot for teamwork and collaboration."

- Kaitlyn, Solutions Account Assistant

"I enjoy spending time in the commons. It allows me to focus in and get work done while still feeling as though I’m part of a group."

- Sarah, Solutions Account Assistant


Room scene with furniture - Flock modular and guest chairs, 4-leg stools, cube collaborative table, mini square and cylinder seating, Arrange square tables

Q. How did you personalize your workstation to support a healthier work style?

A. "I have a height adjustable table for my desk and a dual monitor arm."

–Jacey, Business Development Manager

"I have paper management at my desk to help with filing away papers and not cluttering my desk. "

–Tim, Solutions Account Associate

Room scene that contains a monitor arm and monitor positioned on a desk with power outlets, a wireless keyboard and mouse

Q. How does HON support work/life balance with your work schedule to relieve stress?

A. "We’re encouraged to exercise during lunch and get up and move freely to a variety of work settings to relax, refuel and refocus."

- Trent, Solutions Account Assistant

"Recording sales calls help me to prioritize when I listen versus incorporating a specific time slot into my schedule. It’s a good way to get in a walk. I’ll go back after I listen to it to write down anything I need to be sure to remember the specifics. With technology, it’s easy to take notes on my phone."

–Lindsey, Business Development Manager

Room scene with two people, a dog on the floor, furniture -  Ignition Stool, Coordinate 3-Leg Table, Corner Cove Worksurface, 10500 Series Standing Height Desking and Pedestal

Q. What amenities does HON offer that support workplace well-being?

A. "HON offers fitness classes for members after work. They also pay for a portion of our gym membership so we can live a healthy lifestyle."

–Tim, Solutions Account Associate

"Having the home office allocation is a huge help when working remotely. The tools HON provides such as dual monitor screens helps me work more efficiently and ergonomically."

–Jacey, Business Development Manager

Room scene with furniture - Arrange square and rectangle table, X and T-base, Flock cube table, mini cylinder and cube, modular and guest chair, square ottoman, 4-leg stool, floor lamp/shade

Q. What types of activities does your team do to relieve stress?

A. "Being in the field and working remotely can be difficult to share ideas. It’s critical to stay connected with members in and out of your market to feel like you are informed, aligned and part of the team."

–Jacey, Business Development Manager

"Food days are a great stress reliever! Everyone brings a snack food and sets it at the table throughout the day. We like to find reasons to celebrate an occasion with great food."

–Kaitlyn, Solutions Account Assistant

Open office room scene with Ignition task chair, Empower desks, and two people sitting in chairs at desk with dog on the floor

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