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T-Base Foot
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1.25"D x 18.75"W x 1.38"H
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HON Verse office partitions are a simple, effective way to divide space. This T-base stabilizing foot can be used at the end of a line of panels in place of a 90-degree connector and panel.

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Verse T-Base Foot

Verse office partitions from HON are a simple, effective way to divide space. The variety of heights and widths can establish open sightlines for a call center, or shield IT staff from distractions. And the quick and easy installation makes Verse excellent for temporary work environments.

  • A simple, effective and effortless way to divide space
  • Cost-effective solution for organizations that want efficient space management at a competitive price
  • Foot is held in place by the leveling glide
  • Kit includes one foot
  • Snap-on connectors permit incredibly fast installation and reconfiguration
  • Simple visual design blends with any office decor
  • Sizes to create almost any size of open-plan workstation or private office
  • Tackable acoustical upholstered surfaces feature a sound-absorbing material
  • Performs well for administrators, technical workers and call-center workers
  • Support foot is built from fabricated steel
  • Structural panel frame is all metal for strength and durability
  • Permits HON Verse panels to be used as individual privacy screens
  • Panels have integral trim; no additional parts or pieces
  • Supports work activities by providing differing privacy levels for different job functions

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Fully Assembled
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There's nothing ordinary about these typical workstation arrangements, but they will show you our most popular configurations, as well as every single detail needed to order the whole kit and caboodle.
  • Base Model: HVERS906060
  • Description: 60"H x 60"W 90 Degree Panels
  • Base Model: HVERS906072
  • Description: 60"H x 72"W 90 Degree Panels
  • Base Model: HVERS907260
  • Description: 72"H x 60"W 90 Degree Panels
  • Base Model: HVERSIL6060
  • Description: 60"H x 60"W Inline Panels
  • Base Model: HVERSIL6072
  • Description: 60"H x 72"W Inline Panels
  • Base Model: HVERSIL7260
  • Description: 72"H x 60"W Inline Panels
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