Substantial changes in education trends in recent years show that every space has the potential to become a learning space. There is no longer the expectation that students sit in symmetrical rows day after day while facing the teacher who is writing on the chalkboard at the front of the room. In today’s space, students are in a constant flow of working on this and then moving on to that. This constant movement requires furniture that supports change and can be reconfigured depending on the task at hand. With the increased understanding of how students absorb and retain information, they must be given the opportunity to choose how and where they learn best. That means providing different environments that support different learning styles. Makerspace areas and STEAM labs are becoming more popular, too. These spaces encourage students to be more collaborative and hands-on, making learning about more than just understanding the subject. These new areas are vital to developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will follow children into adulthood.

Additionally, today's teacher encourages creativity and utilizes adaptive teaching styles and curriculum in the classroom. With the support of school administration, the most progressive districts are encouraging their teachers to make the classroom their own.

The HON Company provides a holistic product offering to provide solutions from the administration offices to the classrooms and all evolving spaces in between. Through the extensive dealer network, HON has a local and national team of product experts to focus on what matters most to customers and educators: a reliable, relevant product solution with unmatched customer service. Because HON also manufactures products outside of those focused on education, they can better level the seasonal demand that is predictable within the education business segment. The HON Company can ensure product is getting to the schools' needs on time. HON also offers no-charge delivery.

The HON Company continues to show commitment, dedication, and support for education – the students, teachers, administrators, faculty, and families - through new product development, enhanced partnerships with the dealer network, and strong customer service.

Giving students the tools they need to succeed is more than just providing pens, paper, and access to technology. HON’s collection of seating, tables, desks, and storage are designed to create smarter spaces that enhance learning, inspire creativity, and foster connection among the next generation of students.