Bedford Case Study

Bedford Case Study



Bedford County wanted to design the “middle school of the future” and reflect the district’s commitment to learner-centered educational practices. A key step in the design process was obtaining feedback from students about the type of furniture that would best support learning.

According to Mac Duis, Chief Operations Officer, Bedford County Public Schools, “We got lots of feedback from students whose schools were trying new, innovative learning ideas – like flexible class schedules. We listened carefully to the feedback and even did mock classroom trials.”

Duis says the new space is designed to support the learning styles of today – “open, airy and light.”

The extended learning centers and library were outfitted with HON’s Grove and Flock lines – which are great for peer lead groups outside of the classroom.

Reaction to the new school was positive. Aesthetically, it’s beautiful – but it’s also comfortable and conducive to learning.

“All in all, it’s been a very positive change,” says Duis.

Year : 2018

Project Type : Education

Square Footage : 130,000 sq. ft.

No. of employees : 84 Liberty Middle School Employees / 1,524 School Employees Countywide.

Dealer : Harris Office Furniture Co., Inc.

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