Work From Home Solutions That Fit Your Home Office Needs

As many of us gradually return to the office with guidelines in place, we hope this information serves as a look toward the future. Our team at HON is here to support you through the transitions and help you look forward to productive collaboration in all forms.

The last three months have taught us a lot.

We’ve learned to quickly pivot in challenging times.

We’ve learned to connect even when we aren’t together.

We’ve learned how to be productive regardless of where we work.

As businesses reopen and prepare to transition some (or all) of their workforce back into the office, they’ve been faced with new protocols and measures to ensure safety.

However, not all companies are rushing back to the office.

Twitter employees are working from home as long as they choose, even permanently if they want. Google employees are remote until 2021, at least. Other tech companies are moving to remote work in the COVID-19 era and it’s brought into focus some long-held principles about work.

Whether you have a designated office or share the space with the rest of the home, it’s important that you have the right products that fit you and your home office needs.

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The Small Home Office

You might not have space for a formal home office, but our multifunctional desks and ergonomically friendly seating are designed to fit in small spaces—and if you’re cramped for space, you can stow your desk away when the work day is done.

For workers who want a productive space that can also multi-task after hours, “having a nesting table like the Between is helpful,” said Evan Sanford, Category Merchandising Manager for The HON Company.

“Also, the Coordinate desktop riser is great because it sits on top of an existing work surface.”

Coordinate desktop risers allow you to stand or sit, offering ergonomic flexibility and comfort throughout the day. When working with a small footprint (like an apartment), it’s important to utilize furniture that fits when you need the space to work, but doesn’t get in the way when you need the space for something else

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The Shared-Room Home Office

As you continue exploring new workstyles in your own home, you may have found a nook that is just right.

Those who are outfitting shared rooms look for style and function, and typically, they want the furniture to coordinate with their home environment (we call it “resimercial”). For a shared room, the fully-upholstered Matter chair is an excellent choice, providing comfort and a look that can blend into any space.

“When you walk into the room, you won’t necessarily say ‘that’s an office chair’,” Sanford said.

Another option in the shared-room category is the Voi work surface. Its contemporary and modern design gives off a minimalistic vibe, and it has various laminate top and paint options that fit many different aesthetics.

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HON/Marketing Resources/ (Work From Home - Foundation Private Office)


The Dedicated Home Office

A designated office space can be key to maximizing productivity. HON offers products for a traditional or modern office solution designed to ergonomically support you and fit the aesthetic of your home. These products are similar to what you might see in an office space.

“Some of our best options are the Coordinate height-adjustable tables. When we talk to people about what products they want, height adjustability is at the top of the list,” Sanford said.

With the market shifting toward more workers being remote and/or working from home, a comfortable and ergonomic solution will make your home office more inviting, and you may find yourself more productive as well.


Moving Forward and Moving Fast

We understand that things are happening at a rapid pace and time is of the essence. Several WFH solutions can be delivered using the HON Quickship program.

“Our customers have told us: they need products that can arrive soon,” said Gerry Roark, Senior Manager, Merchandising for The HON Company. “We’ve identified products in each of these spaces that can be delivered quickly, often in 2–11 business days.”

For more information and details on our WFH Solutions program, visit